Hi All,

I had a nice long post planned out for tonight – but I am so exhausted that I think I’m gonna make it a quick one and head to bed early. Work this week has been madness. I feel like I haven’t had time to sit down much since Monday, and somehow my to-do list is growing at astronomical speed :S

Anyways, my eats so far this week were pretty yumm-tastic.


– Breakfast of almond butter and banana on a whole grain wrap. First time trying it – really impressed.

– Lunch was a sandwich with lettuce, hummus, laughing cow cheese, mustard, turkey and salami

– Dinner wasn’t eaten until 9 (worked late) but the boy kindly made me a mini pizza with olives, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. So sweet of him.


– Breakfast: Green Monster with lotsa spinach, almond milk, flax seed, banana, honey, and some OJ. So yummy – I forgot ice cubes though – that would’ve made it even better!

– Lunch: Mixed Salad with Mozzarella Cheese, Zucchini, Cucumber & Tomato with Greek Dressing.

lunch preview: that's a coke zero I swear!

– Dinner: Wendy’s – FAIL! I was so excited to catch Glee and the Biggest Loser that I slacked on dinner …. oops. Did you catch either of them, thoughts?


– Breakfast: Oats with Coconut Butter, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup and Almond Milk

I may be a *tad* in love with almond milk

– Lunch: Repeat of Monday’s Sandwich – Quick, Easy and Tasty.

– Dinner: Modified this recipe, subbed goat cheese for blue cheese and it was still delish – served with garlic veggies.


Strangely this is the one area this week that I actually feel like I’m kicking butt in – here’s a recap.

Monday: 32 minute treadmill interval run for 3.1 miles. My knee was bugging me a bit so I took it a bit slower than I planned. I also stretched for 10 minutes afterwards.

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the stationary bike (reading the book I mention below), followed by 20 minutes of abs + strength training.

Today: 30 minutes on treadmill with 20 minutes of 1 minute on, 1 minute off sprints, covered 5K in about 28.5 minutes.

Tomorrow is my off day – I’m sooo looking forward to sleeping in for a bit. Nevertheless, I’m stoked that I got my butt to the gym 3 days in a row. That’s a step in the right direction.

What have you been up to this week?

*Sidenote* I recently picked up Michael Pollan’s ‘Omivore’s Dilemma’ – have you read it? So far I’m really enjoying it. I had no idea Corn was in so much of our food – apparently over a 1/4 of the supermarket is primarily corn based products. Thats a bit shocking and sad to me. What do you think about that?


Hello All

Hope your enjoying the last day of the weekend.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Monday, I need to get better about that. I get so distracted reading other blogs on my Google Reader that I forget about my own sometimes :P.

My week at work was good, pretty busy as usual, and I think I might have to stay late tomorrow night for an event (which is not ideal on a Monday, but that’s how it goes). Thursday was a bit ridiculous in Calgary – it was like +14 over my lunch break and fabulous, and by the time I left work at 4:30 – it looked something like this.

Yah – umm freak blizzard/hail storm in April = NOT Impressed.

Anyways, in better news – on Friday my supervisor took me and my other coworker (who is also new) out for lunch with a group from our office – it was really nice of them, and made the afternoon go a lot quicker.

Friday night Ryan and I decided to have a little date night – we went to Fionn MacCools downtown for some drinks and appetizers and then went to go see Date Night (coincidence – I think not) with Tina Fey & Steve Carrell. It was pretty darn funny. There were a few parts where I thought I might fall out of my chair cuz I was laughing so hard.

Yesterday I got up early and hit the gym for a 5K run, 10 minute cooldown on the elliptical, and some ab work. I did a side plank for the first time EVER. I was impressed with myself, lol 😛 Saturday night was a bunch of fun, I met up with two friends from my PR program back East who happened to be in Calgary. One lives here, and one was in town for work. It was so nice to see some familiar faces in a town where I don’t know a whole ton of people. We had a great time catching up.

Today we hit the grocery store – it was LONG overdue. Lately we’ve been trying to only make big grocery runs every two weeks and generally we spend around $150 per trip – so I guess its about $75 a week. Every now and then we have to buy extras of produce/eggs/milk that we run through in a week – but I can’t stand going to big grocery stores on the weekend when they are crazy busy – so I avoid it like the plague. Its kind of sad actually because I actually really enjoy grocery shopping – but I hate the crowds.

What do you think of grocery stores vs. crowds? Do you avoid shopping on the weekend if possible?

I did decide to buy some Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk for the first time, I hear Green Monsters are better with it – so I’m determined to give it a try.

Have you discovered any great finds at the grocery store lately?

Music Mix

Hi All – Hope you all had fantastic Easter weekends.

My was pretty stellar, considering it was our first one being away from family. Unfortunately, since we both just started new jobs, taking vacation time to go home for a weekend seemed like it wouldn’t be the best decision. I did hear from my parents though – and my fabulous boy made me a AMAZING easter dinner – which made it a little easier.

Anyways, we started Good Friday off on the right note by eating bacon at breakfast 😛 *sigh* so bad. Haha, neither of us even remembered the ‘no meat’ rule until after we had finished – oops. In the afternoon, Ryan accompanied me to a mall just outside of the city that I had been hearing lots and lots about. Its called CrossIron Mills and its very much like Vaughn Mills in Toronto (for any East Coast readers), a giant circle with outlets and big box stores. I was particularly excited for Forever 21 and the Banana Republic Outlet. Seriously, I would wear Banana Republic everyday if I could, and a $90 pair of pants for 30% off was a great deal. The downside was that the mall was insanely busy!! Needless to say Ryan was pretty eager to get out of there after a few hours of shopping. I grabbed Sushi at the mall for a late lunch (ie. 4 in the afternoon), and Ryan had leftovers once we got home.  Considering we stayed so late at the mall – we knew we wouldn’t be eating dinner until close to 9. Nevertheless, I made sure dinner ROCKED. I followed a lasagna recipe from Allison from Eat Clean Live Green. I was amazed at how few ingredients there were (my mom’s recipe is like 2 pages long), and we managed to find whole wheat lasagna and low-fat ricotta. Lets just say – it was ridiculously good – and we’ll have leftovers for a week, therefore I = happy camper.

nom nom nom

On Saturday, we got up bright and early and headed to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 10 minutes on the bike and some stretching. I always love hitting the gym early in the day – it makes me feel like I’ve gotten my day started on the right foot (literally!). For dinner on Saturday I was craving Mexican, so we decided to hit up the Chili’s in town. I have really amazing memories of shopping trips across the border, when I lived in London – that always consisted of a trip to Chili’s. Turns out the drinks aren’t as cheap north of the border, and no free nachos 😦 so that was a tad disappointing. The food was still pretty stellar though.

On Sunday, the boy decided to make us our first real Easter dinner together. Check out this spread.

big birdie

After a quick shopping trip in the morning for necessary ingredients, he whipped up: a turkey, baked butter biscuits, roasted tomatoes, jean chretien scalloped potatoes (my mom’s recipe), stuffing, gravy and of course – WINE. Seriously, I may be the luckiest girl in the world that my boy loves to cook so much. It was so nice of him to use some of my mom’s recipes as well – it really made it feel like a Easter dinner from my childhood.

As a random side note, I must share a tip for all turkey-bakers out there… bacon on top of the turkey = mind blowing AMAZING. Seriously – you MUST try it.

So that basically sums up my weekend. I was back at work today, but managed to get in a 4 mile run in about 42 minutes before work. Its the longest I’ve gone in awhile, *yay*

In preparation for my gym trip last night I decided to update some of my workout playlists. One of my favorite things to do is to listen through old CD’s (yes, CD’s) because they 1) bring back fabulous memories, and 2) remind me of GREAT songs that I often forget about once they stop being played on the radio religiously.

Here are some of my gems from last night:

  • Here’s To The Night – Eve 6 (reminds me of Grade 8 *sigh*)
  • Ironic, Hands Clean, You Outta Know – Alanis Morisette
  • Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – Big n’ Rich
  • Crazy in Love – Beyonce & Jay-Z
  • Yeah – Usher, Lil John & Ludacris (ridiculously obsessed with this song years ago)
  • Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves (a favorite from my childhood)
  • Stronger – Britney Spears
  • Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen (My dad’s fav song ever)
  • Tipsy – J-Kwon (favorite song from when I could first legally hit the bar)
  • Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire – September
  • You Only Get What You Give – New Radicals
  • Black Betty – Ram Jam
  • Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

What are your favorite Workout Songs?

Before I head off for the night, I just want to give a shout out to some lovely readers who commented on my last post. Its always nice to know someone is reading. Thanks Susan, Julie, and Angela – you all ROCK!

Wavin Flag

Hello Lovely Readers – Happy Easter Weekend.

Even though I don’t have to work today (yay for Good Friday) I rarely ever sleep in on stat days – its like my body knows I should be up and going by this time. Its 8:30 AM right now – I couldn’t even sleep in past 8 – I’m officially lame.

Anyways, I did manage to take quite a few pictures of my eats this week – so I thought I would start out with a visual recap!

Tuesday Breakfast: *yum* Simmering Oats

Prep For Tuesday's Lunch

Tuesday Lunch = Sammie & a Protein Shake

Wednesday Breakfast: SBUX Misto + Lemon Poppyseed Loaf

Thursday Lunch: Greek Salad & Wrap bought at work.

Phew – so that’s basically a summary of what my eats were this week. I forgot to take pic of a FABULOUS broccoli/mushroom cheese casserole that Ryan threw together for dinner last night. OMG… the creaminess of the cheese made it amazingly delish. Perhaps I will add it to the recipe page in the next couple of days.

On Wednesday night I did not manage to capture my eats because Ryan and I were out at the Flames vs. Coyotes game downtown. Go figure, I got stuck late at work that night so I was kind of running around like a crazy person at 5:00 trying to get out of there, and hoping I would be able to meet Ryan and his work peeps in time for drinks. I was a bit late, but I made it. Wednesday was my “shameful” night of the week – which consisted of a few beer, wings, and one of those oversized pretzels… *looks down in embarrassment*. Oh well – I did end up running 3.5K at the gym that morning – so I felt slightly better about it. We were out till close to midnight and I was up at 7 am yesterday, needless to say I need a few teas to fully wake-up yesterday morning. I can’t do midnights on weeknights anymore! So tiring.

Look what else I picked up this week…

One of my besties from London, had a little one a few months ago. Who I STILL haven’t gotten a chance to see in person 😦 , but I do love sending care packages and shopping for baby clothes – so it works out okay. I picked him up a little sleeper to wear and got my friend a reusable mug that looks alot like the starbucks ones. We bonded over our Starbucks obsession – so I’m sure she will love. I’m excited to get that out in the mail.

Ugh, speaking of mail – our landlords are not very impressive folks lately. We found out yesterday that they hadn’t given Canada Post the new buzzer # for our building, so no one in it has been getting mail for the last week. *shakes fist in frustration*. Tiny bit irritating, particularly when my mom told me she sent an Easter package that will now probably all be melted. Boo to that.

Anyways, before I sign off and get cracking on my Good Friday breakfast – I wanted to ask if any of you have seen the new video/heard the new version of Wavin’ Flag by K’nann? Its Kind of like the We ARe The World Tribute Video for Haiti. A big group of famous Canadian singers reworked Wavin Flag. All the proceeds go to the relief efforts in Haiti. You can buy the song/video off of iTunes and you can watch the video HERE.

I already loved the song, and I really liked the remake of it.

What do you think of it? See anyone you recognize?


Hi All, hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was pretty good – not too exciting, but that’s a nice change of pace sometimes. Saturday morning I enjoyed sleeping in a bit while Ryan went for a run…. OUTSIDE…. by himself.  My hamstrings starting bothering me a lot after my run on Thursday, so I unfortunately had to let Ryan do his first outdoor run solo. I felt awful about it since I was the one the pushed him into doing it – but was impressed that he still went. He found some snazzy app on his iPhone that does basically the same thing as a Nike+ , so I think that kept him company.

While he was out, I decided to take a trip to the health food store. It’s only like 2 blocks away and they had some schweet sales on – so I had planned to make a trip over there at some point this week anyways. Here’s a little picci of what I left with:

Hello Healthy Food

Hello Healthy Food

  • – Miso soup mix (yum – so excited to use this at work)
  • – Annie’s Mac & Cheese mixes (on sale)
  • – Amy’s Broccoli Pot Pies (also on sale)
  • – Artisana Coconut Butter (on sale – soooo excited about this one)

For lunch on Saturday we checked out one of the ‘rumored’ best burger joints in Calgary called The Holy Grill (haha!). I had the gourmet burger (with cheddar instead of blue cheese – I’m not a fan of blue cheese). The burger was ‘out of this world’ good – soooo yummy! I had happy tastebuds after that one.

Then later in the afternoon the boy and I decided to run some errands which consisted of a grocery run (yay for finding a 36 pack of laughing cow cheese for $7.99 – huzzah) and a trip to Best Buy – where I picked up one of these pretty little things.

I’m still figuring out the iPod Touch, but I’m loving it so far.

Sunday was much less eventful that Saturday, but at least the eats were good.  We started the day off right with some cinnamon french toast topped with strawberries/raspberries and maple syrup. Delish.  Then for dinner, we dug out Giada’s Everyday Pasta cookbook and made Angel Hair Pasta with Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes – except we subbed linguine for angel hair, because it was all we had. It was tasty – and the goat cheese made it super creamy (without using actual cream – love that).

Today, I made up for my easygoing Sunday by getting out of the house by 6:45 and working out for an hour before work. I attempted a HIIT elliptical sesh for the first time in my life – and boy did it work! I was a sweaty mess! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, burning 375 calories or so. I alternated the intensity between level 7 for 40 seconds and level 9 for 20 seconds. It was TOUGH. Once I finished that, I stretched out my quads and hamstrings (hopefully this will prevent issues like what I had last week), and did some weighted side-bends and ab work with a medicine ball.

Once I got to work, I knew I was in for a long day! Time seemed to pass sooo slowly today. I bolted out of there at 4:30, desperate for some fresh air. Tonight, Ryan and I made some Jerk Tilapia Filets (turned out delish) and garlic veggies – it was a perfect little healthy dinner. Now I’m off to watch some Dancing with the Stars – I’m really liking it this season.

In other news, shopping for organics this weekend, (and listening to some Jillian Michaels podcasts today) got me thinking about Organic Food. We try and buy organics whenever we can – but sometimes price wins out over quality, which I hate to admit. Some organics are redonkulously expensive – (yes, I just used that word in a sentence!) How do you guys feel about Organic Foods – do you have any advice on which foods are better to buy organic/which are the cheapest?

Also, how was your Monday?

So, I just thought I’d sidestep my regular blogging to discuss the new show Jamie’s Food Revolution that I happened to catch last night. Can I say how impressed I am that ABC is even airing this show?!? What an eye opener. I actually thought I might be sick when Jamie did his “chicken nuggets” experiment for the kids. Needless to say I won’t be eating any fast food chicken nuggets anytime soon. Beyond gross. The one 11 year old, Justin, who they thought might have diabetes – broke my heart. Poor kid. Here is hoping that Jamie can make some serious headway on food services in the U.S.  I was beyond impressed with this show. If you didn’t see it – be sure to watch next week – I guarantee you’ll find it worthwhile.

Did you see the show? What did you think?

Whirlwind Week

Happy Friday Everyone, hope you have been enjoying yours!

My day started bright and early – I had to be at work for 6 AM!! I wasn’t super thrilled with the idea of getting up at 5 but then I found out my coworker was going to bring me a tea for keeping her company at a breakfast event she was planning for this morning. Another perk was that I got to leave at 2 this afternoon – which was pretty nice for an early start to the weekend.  The downside to working an event was that I had to wear a suit on a Friday (which is usually jean day) and I felt a tad overdressed for the rest of the day.

This week at work has been a bit of a whirlwind since Wednesday. One of my colleagues got a MAJOR promotion and as a result there was a lot of people milling about our offices and a big press conference on Wednesday afternoon. I’m super excited about it though – it’s a big deal, and I know she will do a great job in her new role. We’re sad to lose her though. My office had a nice champagne and cupcake toast to her before we left work last night. Anyways, so I’ve been working on some mailings related to that and other events we have coming up over the past couple of days, and so I’ve been running at top speed.

I did make time on Wednesday night to FINALLY get my haircut – it was looking atrocious recently. I’m always a little nervous trying new hairdressers, but I was really impressed with the girl that did my hair – she spent a boatload of time foiling my hair with highlights (which was probably exhausting) and I got a trim and some side bangs. Needless to say, I feel like a new person. Its so nice to finally spend some money on myself – haircuts weren’t something I could really justify as a necessary expense when I was looking for a job.

Yesterday night after work I met a girlfriend at the gym for a little running sesh. Geez – I feel like I’ve been running a lot this week. Anyways, I was a little sore so I only ran for 20 minutes followed by some weight and ab work. After the gym, we stopped by the drugstore and I bought some tea tree facial wash – which I’ve heard really good things about. I’ll be sure to post about how it works.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to just relaxing a bit and maybe going for a walk with the boy or picking up some groceries (since the grocery store is always empty on Friday nights).  We’ll see what happens.

Before I head off, I wanted to ask a quick question for any readers who have iPod Touches, I’m thinking about getting one – and wanted to know – do you like yours? What size do you think is most worthwhile? Right now I have a 4GB iPod and rarely fill it up completely – so I’m thinking an 8GB one would be fine – but I would love another opinion.

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your weekend!