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So I am writing this post pre-Sunday dinner, but suspect it will not get posted until afterwards – so I should have pictures to share with you then. We’re planning on whipping up some Pad Thai for dinner! I haven’t had Thai food in forever, and its probably my 2nd favorite type of food – next to sushi of course :).

This weekend has been pretty low-key but definitely enjoyable. It started off on a good foot, Friday night Ryan and I wandered over to the Moxie’s nearby and had drinks and split the appetizer platter  – so much food – we had loads of leftovers. The place was hopping on Friday though, I think it was because we arrived shortly after a Flames game ended so there were tons of people in Jerseys.

Saturday was another bright sunny day in Calgary, and I decided to attempt my first outdoor run of the year. One of the best parts of where we are living in Calgary is that its within a 5 minute walk to the Bow River around which are tons of walking/biking/running trails. I continue to be impressed with how conducive the City of Calgary is to an active lifestyle, and the number of people I notice exercising in this city continues to blow my mind. The run went really well, despite a few technology malfunctions. My Nike+ system kinda decided to poop out on me, so I had no idea how far I had run. My watch told me I ran for around 30 minutes, but according to the Nike+ I had only run 0.01 miles and my pace was like 3046 seconds/mile :S hrm… see what I mean – its definately on the fritz. I’m glad I didn’t let it get in the way of my run though, and now I have yet another reason to invest in a GARMIN. One day soon folks, one day soon.

Nice to run in my some of my colder weather clothes though – I actually like them more than shorts/t-shirt.


Last night Ryan had made plans to play poker with some work people again (its becoming a bit of a routine I guess). So I took the free night as an opportunity to catch up with a few of my friends from back in London.

I can’t even tell you how nice it is to hear the familiar voice of a friend after months of being away.

Sorry, facebook/twitter and emails – just don’t even compare. I spent about an hour each chatting with a two of my friends from London. One was my old roommate who I have known for about 7 years now, and this is the first time we’ve ever not been in the same place during that time. I think we’re both adjusting to not having the other around for girl-talk and Starbucks runs. My other friend, had a baby about 2 weeks after I moved here – so I haven’t even seen him in person. Breaks my heart a bit to be missing out on such an exciting time in her life. But she had me laughing with all sorts of crazy baby stories. She sounded really happy – which was so nice to hear. Don’t you love catching up with friends you haven’t heard from in awhile?

I’m finding it a bit difficult not having much of a social circle out here, so hopefully staying in close touch with friends from home will make it easier, at least initially.

Anyways, Ryan decided to bring some of his buddies back to our place last night at like 11:30 when I was already in my jammies 😛 So I had to do a quick change into something presentable and I hung out with them for an hour or so.

Today, we got up and ran a few errands (need to get the essentials for pad thai – can you tell I’m excited yet?).  My lunch today was a leftover quinoa/chickpea/roasted veggie mix that I made for dinner last night. Its sooo yummy.

We then watched Kung Fu Panda for the 2nd time this week – I think Ryan in a little in love with that movie. After the movie, Ryan decided to whip up some homemade hummus – which he had been talking about doing FOREVER. It was really delicious and was mostly made with ingredients the average person would already have on hand. Because Angela kindly commented and asked me to share the recipe, here it is:

Ryan’s Homemade Hummus

  • 2 cans of chickpeas, drained
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • juice of one lemon + one lime,
  • 1/2 cup of tahini
  • lots of olive oil
  • dash of cumin

Basically you just throw it all in a food processor and blend away, adding more olive oil, as needed. Its super easy and the cumin/lime juice mix gave it a bit of a unique smoky kick. Very tasty.

Okay so maybe I’m not going to get to the Pad Thai picture in this post – but I promise it will be in the next one. Thanks for stopping by!


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