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Wavin Flag

Hello Lovely Readers – Happy Easter Weekend.

Even though I don’t have to work today (yay for Good Friday) I rarely ever sleep in on stat days – its like my body knows I should be up and going by this time. Its 8:30 AM right now – I couldn’t even sleep in past 8 – I’m officially lame.

Anyways, I did manage to take quite a few pictures of my eats this week – so I thought I would start out with a visual recap!

Tuesday Breakfast: *yum* Simmering Oats

Prep For Tuesday's Lunch

Tuesday Lunch = Sammie & a Protein Shake

Wednesday Breakfast: SBUX Misto + Lemon Poppyseed Loaf

Thursday Lunch: Greek Salad & Wrap bought at work.

Phew – so that’s basically a summary of what my eats were this week. I forgot to take pic of a FABULOUS broccoli/mushroom cheese casserole that Ryan threw together for dinner last night. OMG… the creaminess of the cheese made it amazingly delish. Perhaps I will add it to the recipe page in the next couple of days.

On Wednesday night I did not manage to capture my eats because Ryan and I were out at the Flames vs. Coyotes game downtown. Go figure, I got stuck late at work that night so I was kind of running around like a crazy person at 5:00 trying to get out of there, and hoping I would be able to meet Ryan and his work peeps in time for drinks. I was a bit late, but I made it. Wednesday was my “shameful” night of the week – which consisted of a few beer, wings, and one of those oversized pretzels… *looks down in embarrassment*. Oh well – I did end up running 3.5K at the gym that morning – so I felt slightly better about it. We were out till close to midnight and I was up at 7 am yesterday, needless to say I need a few teas to fully wake-up yesterday morning. I can’t do midnights on weeknights anymore! So tiring.

Look what else I picked up this week…

One of my besties from London, had a little one a few months ago. Who I STILL haven’t gotten a chance to see in person 😦 , but I do love sending care packages and shopping for baby clothes – so it works out okay. I picked him up a little sleeper to wear and got my friend a reusable mug that looks alot like the starbucks ones. We bonded over our Starbucks obsession – so I’m sure she will love. I’m excited to get that out in the mail.

Ugh, speaking of mail – our landlords are not very impressive folks lately. We found out yesterday that they hadn’t given Canada Post the new buzzer # for our building, so no one in it has been getting mail for the last week. *shakes fist in frustration*. Tiny bit irritating, particularly when my mom told me she sent an Easter package that will now probably all be melted. Boo to that.

Anyways, before I sign off and get cracking on my Good Friday breakfast – I wanted to ask if any of you have seen the new video/heard the new version of Wavin’ Flag by K’nann? Its Kind of like the We ARe The World Tribute Video for Haiti. A big group of famous Canadian singers reworked Wavin Flag. All the proceeds go to the relief efforts in Haiti. You can buy the song/video off of iTunes and you can watch the video HERE.

I already loved the song, and I really liked the remake of it.

What do you think of it? See anyone you recognize?


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Did You Catch This?

So, I just thought I’d sidestep my regular blogging to discuss the new show Jamie’s Food Revolution that I happened to catch last night. Can I say how impressed I am that ABC is even airing this show?!? What an eye opener. I actually thought I might be sick when Jamie did his “chicken nuggets” experiment for the kids. Needless to say I won’t be eating any fast food chicken nuggets anytime soon. Beyond gross. The one 11 year old, Justin, who they thought might have diabetes – broke my heart. Poor kid. Here is hoping that Jamie can make some serious headway on food services in the U.S.  I was beyond impressed with this show. If you didn’t see it – be sure to watch next week – I guarantee you’ll find it worthwhile.

Did you see the show? What did you think?

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So today was my first day at the new job – and I gotta say I think it went pretty well. Still lots of little odds and ends to get figured out – but I guess that’s too be expected. The toughest part of first days I find is meeting like a billion people, and feeling like you don’t remember any of their names. The department I work in at the new job is HUGE in comparison to my last job – so I’m hoping I’ll learn over time.

After work I decided to hit the gym, I ran a quick 2.5 miles on the treadmill in about 27 minutes, and then hurried home to catch The Bachelor . I’m 97% sure I know who he picks (I’ve heard rumors) and suffice to say, I’m not happy with his choice. Stupid Jake.

ANNND apparently Kate Gosselin is on DWTS – umm, yah – I knew we’d never get rid of her. Also – Gotta say, having a Pussycat Doll on the show seems a TAD unfair.

In other news, this weekend was a blast – it was so lovely to see my family. I loved every minute of it. Makes me miss them so much more.

When they arrived on Friday – Ryan was working for the day, so I took them out for lunch at a bar & grill called The Amsterdam Rhino nearby, then we wandered around 17th avenue a bit and bought a necessity ….


My mom and brother were pretty pooped on Friday night from all their Olympic travels, so we stayed in and watched the games on TV, accompanied by wine and homemade Ryan risotto. My mom loved it as much as I did. It was so nice of the boy to whip up his specialty for my family. It turned out to be a pretty exciting night for Canada. We won a boatload of medals …. yeeeaaah.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then went out to Smitty’s for breakfast – I had a feta and portobello omelette *I felt like this was one of the better options on the menu health-wise*. Then we headed over to tour around my new place of employment as my mom wanted to check it out. We came home and spent most of the afternoon – which had sunny +8 temperatures – walking around downtown, through Kensington and by the river. I gotta say it was really hard to not join in with all the runners on the river paths on such a gorgeous day. I guarantee the next time a chinook hits – I’ll be out there – such beautiful scenery. Later in the day my brother and Ryan headed out to the Saddledome to watch a Calgary Hitmen game (minor league hockey) – I think they had a blast. Meanwhile, my mom and I did what we do best – SHOP – and eat (sushi to be exact). We had a lovely time and now I can say that I am the proud new owner of …..

Behold The Infamous Power Suit.

Thanks Mom & Dad

Sadly, my mom and brother flew out at 7 am on Sunday (take a guess at what ungodly hour we had to get up at for that one…) because they wanted to make it home in time to watch the final Canada vs. USA hockey team. Canadians … we plan our vacations around hockey games … its entirely normal, lol.

OMG… was that game sooo worth it though – I don’t even watch hockey but that was INSANE. Best Game I’ve Ever Seen. Hands Down. When Crosby scored the winning goal – Ryan actually muted the television and I could hear cars honking and people cheering in the apartments all around us. It was madness. I like to say that this is probably the closest thing to what would happen if Toronto won the Stanley Cup. My dad and Ryan however, did not appreciate the sarcasm.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and I’m sooo looking forward to my first week on the job. I’ll promise I’ll keep blog updates as frequent as I can, despite the fact my schedule is going to be a tad busier from now on.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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